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GRP Ladders are made from high strength, low weight and non-conductive fibreglass. GRP ladders are manufactured by hand lay up as well as pultrusion process respectively. Because of the inherent chemical resistance of fiberglass these products are best suited in corrosive environments such as sewerage and storm water, potable water, sea water and chemical industries.

Our GRP Ladders are perfect for the environment where galvanised steel will degrade and stainless steel is just too expensive or is likely to corrode and become slippery and unsafe. Our GRP ladders are mostly used by oilfield & Electrical contractors .

Material Properties

International Standard

Low maintenance

Electrically Non Conductive

Corrosion Resistant

Slip Resistant

Thermally Non Conductive

Outdoor Contexts

Low Installation Cost

Easy to handle and transportation

Sizes & Specifications

GRP Ladders can be supplied in any specified length, and can be equipped with walk thrus, safety cages and returns. Moreover, the ladder rungs have an anti-slip serrated surface.  We also produce ladders of specific colors to meet our customer requirements


  • Manhole Access Ladders
  • Rooftop Access Ladders
  • Industrial Access Ladders
  • Power Plant Safety Ladders
  • Chemical Plant Non-Corrosive Ladders
  • Water Treatment Plant Ladders
  • Food Processing Plant Safety Ladders


RAL 1014


RAL 7032

Pebble Grey

RAL 1015

Light Ivory

RAL 7035

Light Grey

Refer to datasheet for technical details

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